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Trying to define the skills your team needs?

Stop spreadsheet-wrangling, text-wordsmithing and ladder-shuffling. Get back to what you do best – spending time with your team.

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Meet Progression, the first ever team skills framework

Save time, money and your team. Superpower your career ladder so your team know better where they stand, and how to get where they want to go.

How does Progression work?

Add your frameworks and teams

We’ve created templates for design, engineering and many more team types for you to use. None of them quite right? Feel free to create your own.

Build your roles in minutes

Choose from 40+ human, craft and leadership skills across dozens of disciplines. Share skills across teams so people can compare apples with apples.

Assess and grow

Get your team checking in against positions while you do the same, creating valuable comparisons and lists of achievements ready for your next progression conversation.

What does Progression help with?

Fairer evaluations

Go into growth conversations and 360 reviews with data that you can both agree on.

Room to grow

Clarifying what people can aim for, and how to get there, helps everyone focus on the right things at work.

Team-level insights

See where your team is strong, who should be working on what, and who you need to hire next.

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